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BOLDskills℠ Team Leadership Consulting & Training

BOLDskills℠ Team Leadership Consulting & Training

We offer complete training packages as well as individual services and free resources. No white-water rafting required!

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BOLDskills℠ Video Training

BOLDskills℠ Video Training

The 10 BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success video series contains over five hours of innovative, conversational video content based on the concepts and methodology from Scott’s book, The Surging Team.

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Our Book

Our Book

Scott’s book The Surging Team, is now available on Amazon!

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Scott Brennan

Scott Brennan

Scott Brennan, is the president and chief accelerated success expert @ BOLDbreak, Inc.  He has formerly been an award-winning business owner as well as an award-winning and successful corporate executive, repeatedly leading his teams to develop and deliver innovative services to the marketplace.   Scott is now an award-nominated-author of the book, “The Surging Team“, which was honored as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Business Management & Leadership category by the 2015 USA Best Book Awards and is now available on Amazon, as well as the author of an innovative video training series, “10 BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success“, as an exciting companion resource to his book.

Scott compiled his BOLDskills℠, Surging Team leadership methodology, based on his years of experience and observations as both a corporate team leader and a company owner. Working in a division of GE, Brennan was the executive leader of a “skunk-works” group that originated the Dining Rewards Program used by many airlines as a benefit to reward their frequent flyer members. Faced with numerous internal and external success obstacles, Brennan helped his team innovate the technologies and partnerships needed to launch the original airline dining rewards program, for which he was awarded the “Chairman’s Challenge Award for Outstanding Intrapreneurship.” After leaving GE, Brennan owned and led his IT franchise company to a million dollar per year business, using service innovations to get beyond success barriers that stalled many of his peers, before selling his business for a fair profit. Once again, he led his team of employees to unstoppable success, for which he won multiple national awards including the coveted “Franchise of the Year” award as well as the “Million Dollar Club” award from his franchising company. Economic data shows that only about 4% of all businesses, franchise or independent, achieve over $1 million in annual sales.

Scott developed his Surging Team and 10 BOLDskills℠ for Accelerated Team Success training programs to help team leaders and company owners create more productive and happier work teams–because when work teams win, company profits follow.  In addition to his experience, Scott earned an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago. He most recently earned continuing education credits from the International Coach Federation, and the VIA Institute on Character. His personable, animated style, backed up by experience, keeps training fun so that your team remains engaged while on their way to becoming an unstoppable Surging Team. When teams win, company profits follow!

Integrity and Ability

What others are saying about Scott Brennan

“What Scott has to say about leading and motivating teams in today’s marketplace is worth saying!”

“I recommend Scott’s book as a guide to what it takes to thrive in a corporate setting, and how to transfer that same excitement and ethical approach into your own small business.”

“I appreciate Scott Brennan’s ability to link team success in business to your own personal well-being. This unique approach rings so true; his practical tactics can help lead you to your authentic self, and the critical role this plays in leading a high-performing team.”

“I worked with Scott in both the corporate world at The Signature Group, and also in his small business at CMIT Solutions of Fox Valley North. Having known and worked with Scott for over twenty years, I can say that Scott is a true leader that inspires his team members. He has a very outgoing personality and his main focus has always been on his customers and his team and their needs. Those were times I really enjoyed working.”

“I have had the good fortune of working with Scott in creating high performance Teams. Empathy, Interpersonal Awareness, Self-esteem, Decision making, Respect, Motivation ……. Emotional Intelligence. Scott works at collaboration to build successful cohesive Teams utilizing Emotional Intelligence. Empathy builds Confidence and Confidence grows in the Team and individual members of the Team. Scott works hard at building Organizational commitment that ties to the Values of the Organization. Scott is a Leader that inspires Team Members through a culture of belonging, respect, empathy, and choice. Ultimately, growing his business through unbounded creativity. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

“When our company, Transmedia, acquired a competitor, we also acquired some of their key executives.  Scott was one of those executives.  I had the pleasure of working with Scott as we completed the challenge of combining the services of the two companies.  Scott continually proved to be a resourceful and insightful colleague with outstanding business acumen. What I remember most about our time working together, was his attention to detail and ability meet project timelines regardless of the obstacles set before him.  In addition, I remember Scott being morally and ethically above reproach.   Although combining our companies was a difficult task, we had a great time together, and it was people like Scott that made it so enjoyable, and ultimately successful.  Scott is an extraordinary human being and I would enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to work with Scott again in any capacity. “

“I was a new computer technician with a book background and no real hands on experience. Scott Brennan gave me the chance to start my new career with CMIT FVN. With his guidance and encouragement, he found a place for me on his team and gave us all the tools and encouragement we needed to succeed.  Although Scott has moved on to his new endeavor, he had a powerful and positive influence on me and on the success of our team.”

“I was fortunate enough to be hired by Scott Brennan to work on Business Intelligence at Rewards Network. When I joined the company, Scott went out of his way to help me transition to the new working environment and area (my family had just relocated from out of state). Scott is a man of integrity and honesty, always striving to do what is best for the company while being mindful of his employees and customers. Together, we worked on many challenging analyses to understand the competitive marketplace, economic and internal drivers affecting sales and company performance. I learned a tremendous amount from Scott and consider him an invaluable mentor.”

“I really enjoyed working with Scott in developing our highly effective teams.  Scott knew the recipe for developing these teams included keeping them involved and motivated.  Our team members always felt they had a personal interest in the success of the team.”

“I truly appreciate the opportunity I had, working with Scott Brennan for almost a decade, in fact, I would have to say… it was a career highlight.  He demonstrated what true leadership was, someone with vision, direction, and drive who placed the highest priority on communication and the value of a person individually, which was no easy task in a corporate climate.  With Scott at the helm, I was confident we could make it through any storm or face any challenge as a team and he inspired me to have faith that no matter what the results were, we would come out better through the experience if we held fast and gave our personal best.  When I think of Scott, I think of faith, vision, determination, success, but most of all, advocate.  He was on my side, even helping me to see beyond my own limitations or doubt, believing that I could overcome the odds and rise to the occasion every time, becoming more than I ever thought I had the capacity to become and pressing forward to look for more challenges ahead.”

“I worked with Scott for ten years. He brings intelligence and passion whenever dealing with customers, colleagues, and challenges. More importantly, he balances insight and wit in explaining applications and benefits. His ability to identify core problems, translate these into understandable concepts, and deliver valuable solutions are among Scott’s key strengths. I would strongly endorse Scott as an effective colleague and business leader.”

“What a great experience working with Scott. He has an engaging, upbeat personality that gets people comfortable and ready to get down to business. Scott uses his powerful people skills to gain insight into personalities and skill levels. He employs the right resources, with the right skills, using the right tools at the right time to move projects forward. Scott elicits buy-in and commitment from team members forming a cohesive and highly effective team concentrated on the goal at hand.”

“The Huntley Park District was experiencing on-going computer problems that were seriously impairing our ability to conduct the business of the Park District.  After meeting with Scott, we made the decision to give CMIT Solutions a chance to prove their approach to computer systems management.  I recommend Scott and the CMIT Solutions of Fox Valley North team to any Park District or business that wants effective and professional business computer support.  My thanks to Scott and his team of knowledgeable & friendly technicians, for helping the Huntley Park District provide better service to the people of our district, and doing it all with a smile!”

“Scott has strategic as well as tactical operations experience and is capable of managing and leading in the most ambiguous circumstances, even when there is not a clear path forward.  His willingness to help people exceed on his team is contagious.  I know he will accomplish any project you set before him, with his typical dedication and passion.  It would be a pleasure to work with Scott again, and I highly recommend him as a leader.”

“Scott is a highly focused executive who has lived both in the world of corporate America and running his own business. I don’t know of anyone with more expertise regarding how to build a successful business.  I have known Scott for thirty years and I have always seen him engage in the highest ethical standards.  If you are running an independent business, a franchise business or responsible for a corporate team, working with Scott will be the best move you ever make!”

“Scott was a preferred business partner for Young Rembrandts.  His continual attention to the forward direction of technology for us has been greatly beneficial in preparing us for future changes and additions. He has been proactive and helped us to better understand our current, and future technology needs.  Scott’s team is professional, prepared, responsive, and highly capable in all aspects of technology.  Most of all, Scott has provided us with excellent customer service.  It is a pleasure to work with Scott and his team.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Scott when we launched our product.  He is a 1st rate professional. He has a terrific grasp of his field and was always willing and able to deliver whatever the business required.  He’s also a first-rate person. He was always positive and helpful. Scott is an asset to any organization he is associated with.”

“Scott Brennan cares MOST about one thing — “Helping his clients “manufacture time and print money” to grow their businesses. He does this through the strategic use of people and technology.  Far from just fixing computers, Scott helps you “fix” your business.”

“Scott was recognized at the May 2009 CMIT Solutions Annual Convention in San Diego as the Franchise Partner of the Year. He won this top national honor over his peers due to his passion for serving his Customers with the best possible service and a true interest in being a trusted business advisor to his many small/medium-sized business Customers.  He is a Customer-focused strategic thinker.   I am proud to be associated with Scott!”

“Scott and I were assigned the task by The Signature Group to set up a nationwide payment processing system to support a US wide consumer marketing program. Almost no one believed we would pull it off, in fact, most were sure we would fail horribly. Greatly thanks to Scott’s grit, perseverance and technical expertise we not only convinced major, change-adverse, payment processing companies to cooperate, but the program went on to become highly successful and in fact it has been listed on NASDAQ for well over a decade now.”

“Scott and I were colleagues for 9 years. We were charter members of the first-ever CMIT mastermind group, CMIT Pacesetters. Scott was one of our group’s leaders for a two year term and was always challenging us to try new things in marketing and to continue to evolve as a peer and accountability group of owners. He was also a proponent of leveraging our group and system to create centers of competency in order to improve our bottom line financials and service delivery efficiencies. It was always enjoyable to collaborate with Scott as he reminded us that the entrepreneurial spirit was alive in him. And, at the same time, he shared the challenges of being an entrepreneur and stressed to each of us to “never give up.” I’m excited to see the trails that Scott will blaze going forward as he has been and will always be a Pacesetter through and through.”

“I worked with Scott for three years at Rewards Network. During that time, the company went through incredible transformations. As a seasoned executive, Scott’s leadership always stood out within the organization and with customers. Thoughtful, determined and always willing, Scott’s impact on the company’s success was undisputed.”

“Scott was able to foster an atmosphere of plenty of open communication between all levels of management, and between both the business end users and the database and applications development team.   We all brought skills that complimented each other. Everyone brought something to the table, from Marketing and Selling to Database and Technology—and Scott brought Leadership and Management. We all worked well together and learned from each other, and that made us a truly great team.”

  • Mildred Culp/Syndicated Columnist, Editorial/Business at Knoxville News Sentinel
  • Gail Walls/Business Owner, Marketing Executive, and Ashland Theological Seminary Master of Divinity
  • Beth Burnside/Business Owner, Organizational Learning & Leadership Doctoral Candidate
  • Michele Roeschel / Client Care Manager, CMIT Solutions of Fox Valley North
  • Tony Abate, Chief Operating Officer / Head of Digital & Global Brand
  • Rick Gonzalez – General Manager at ADG, Automotive Development Group
  • Anita Horkman – Computer Technician, CMIT Solutions of Fox Valley North
  • John Strobel – IT Business Area Manager, Business Intelligence at SSAB Americas
  • Rick Nelson – Project Manager at Discover Financial Services
  • Dale Wemken – Computer Programmer at Citibank
  • Bruce Strahlman – Account Executive at AudaExplore
  • Tony Corso – COO & Senior Partner at eDocsParadigm
  • Thom Palmer – Executive Director of the Huntley Park District
  • Dennis A. Bowen – Program Director HCL America, Inc, Infrastructure Managed Services
  • Paul Misniak – Sr. VP at two publicly-traded companies, & Northwestern University MBA, Kellogg Graduate School of Management
  • Joelyne Marshall – Learning Solutions Manager at Caveo Learning
  • Russell Dash – Pioneer Capital Group, Vice President
  • Bill Metcalf, PhD – Consultant, Trainer, Coach
  • Jeff Connally – President & CEO, CMIT Solutions, Inc.
  • Michael de Jong – Course Advice and Administration, The English Center
  • Debi Bush – Owner, CMIT Solutions of Denver
  • Avihou Barkay – VP Applications & Enablement, Stratasys
  • David Podborny – Senior Database Administrator, Allstate