Our BOLD Success Principle

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Our BOLD Success Principle:
“Success follows a predictable course.  It’s not the brightest who succeed, or those presented with a perfect opportunity.  Success follows those who have been given ordinary opportunities–and who have the presence of mind and the courage to seize them.”

At BOLDbreak, we help leaders seize the opportunity to transform their company into an unstoppable, surging team.  Surging teams always achieve their objectives–on time, and within budget.  We teach leaders the BOLDskills℠ necessary to create the conditions for an unstoppable, surging team to emerge.  Surging teams have higher employee well-being, less turnover, and they always succeed–which translates into greater profitability in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Anyone who has ever been part of a highly effective, unstoppable, surging team will never forget the experience.  They become serial winners.  We all have a need to work in an environment that engages us, and offers us a noble purpose for which we enthusiastically give our best performances.  However, a surging team environment rarely emerges by accident, and many people have never felt the empowered excitement it provides.  The good news is that creating a surging team is a repeatable skill which an organization’s leaders can learn to master.

As the BOLD Success Principle above states, a company’s leadership must first have the presence of mind and the courage to seize the opportunity to create a dynamic, surging team atmosphere throughout their organization.  Contact us at BOLDbreak and let us help you get started on your company’s accelerated success adventure.  Your competition will never see you coming!

Scott Brennan, BOLDbreak, Inc. president and author of the book, The Surging Team and complementing video training series 10 BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success has succeeded in developing both award-winning, Surging corporate teams, as well as transforming his franchise business into an award-winning, Surging Team. When teams win, company profits follow. Contact us and we’ll help you develop your own unstoppable Surging Team. sbrennan@boldbreak.com , phone: 844-320-5200

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