When I was a franchise owner, I joined a mastermind group comprised of a dozen owners who dared to do better and wanted to achieve more profitability. This group, the Pacesetters, produced 8 consecutive franchise of the year winners and an equal number of million dollar sales recipients.

Of course, our franchisor wanted to extend this kind of success throughout the franchise system, and believed that there was a personality profile among the Pacesetters that predicted success. The DISC profile system was chosen as the methodology of personality categorization, which places people into four main personality types, “D”ominance, “I”nfluence, “S”teadiness or “C”ompliance, and the members of our Pacesetter group took the DISC assessment. When the group results were in, which of these four quadrants do you think we fell into?

Did you guess, “all of them?”, because that’s what happened. There was no single personality profile that predicted who would be successful. Our Pacesetter members selected into all four DISC groups.

There is a value in understanding your personality type, and realizing how you relate to others. There is a bigger value in accepting that your personality type is not the best way for everyone to achieve success. It is eye opening when you see proof that personality types which are more introverted or analytical, are just as likely to succeed than the extroverts who move quickly on little information other than their own assessment.

Ok, so what was the biggest predictor of success among the Pacesetters? At the time we had no idea, other than we knew that participation in our group was somehow part of the equation.

It wasn’t until I sold my business (profitably) that I found out. I was attending a conference of business consultants and one of the conference speakers was Dr. Martin Seligman. I’d never heard of him. His presentation wasn’t dynamic, but what he had to say stunned me. It answered the conundrum of why our Pacesetter group had so many successful members.

Dr. Seligman explained that those who understand their most highly developed character strengths, and consciously use them in their work, will experience increased happiness and well-being. When you combine this trait (understanding and using your strengths) with optimism, then you have the winning formula. Our group became highly optimistic that we’d each succeed and our well-being increased when we were together. We supported each others’ drive to success by contributing our individual character strengths. In other words, we were participating in a group that was optimistically dedicated to the success of each member, and then we had the potent benefit of all the combined personality strengths of the Pacesetter group members focused on our individual success. Unknowingly, when we met together each quarter for an intensive “limelight” session to focus on improving the business of one of our members, we were also practicing using our individual character strengths in the service of our “limelighted” member.

The bottom line: “Participation in a group that is dedicated to achieving success in their businesses, through the persistent use of the most highly developed character strengths of all group members” is the biggest predictor of success.

Are you participating in a group that increases your well-being and offers you the combined character strengths of each group member in a single-minded drive for the success of each member? If not, I bet you’re thinking about it now.

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Until then, Keep Winning!

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