What is Your Response When Someone Else Wins?

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Leaders take the long view. In the longer view, success is eventually achieved by doing the things each day that increase the team’s potential and probability of meeting their goals. Along this competitive road to eventual success, sometimes a rival team will score a win. As a leader, what is your response when someone else wins? Here are three responses that the leader of a Surging Team, a team that in the end always wins, should consider–when another team wins.

Demonstrate respect for the winner, and evaluate what can be learned from the loss. Your team is watching how you will respond. Do you remain optimistic or do you look for where to place blame for the loss? Congratulate the success of others, and with a sparkle in your eye, let them know that you and your team will quickly bounce back.

Remind yourself and your team that competition sharpens our ability to remain competitive. Can you identify the signature character strengths that your rival used in order to score their victory? Once you identify what those strengths were, brainstorm with your team to determine what adjustments you can make in order to increase those strengths on your team–in order to remain competitive. Set a date on your team’s calendar for a marketplace rematch.

Take the long view about ultimate success, and continue to do the things each day that are highly correlated to increasing the certainty of your team meeting their goals. How many times does a team relax and take just a little too long congratulating themselves and celebrating a victory, only to find that their competition has not been discouraged and has surged back? Prepare your team to surge back!

A Surging Team, a team that always wins in the end, can accept a temporary setback or loss with grace, and then quickly gather themselves again, with a view to winning the next marketplace competition, on the long road to eventual success.

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Until then, Keep Winning!

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