Most experienced leaders will have a business plan ready to begin 2016, but does your plan inspire the passion of those who will be asked to see it through in the months to come?

I’ll never forget the comments made by the department dean, to my daughter’s physical therapy assistant graduating class, “There are few occupations in this world where your touch is a part of someone’s healing, and you have the privilege of being in one.” I was struck by the powerful simplicity of this statement. It reminded all of us in attendance that we all share a powerful human need for the touch of another person, and that a gentle touch alone is healing. I never thought about it before, but touch and kindness from the healer is a significant part of a patient’s healing–almost as much as choosing the right treatment plan. As an attendee, I had a new respect for those who were receiving their certifications, and I could feel the collective pride in the auditorium swell, as each recipient was welcomed into such a noble profession.

I once had a business consulting client who was the CEO of a not-for-profit, and she was blind from birth. She made me feel comfortable with her lack of sight, by joking that I was the disadvantaged once because I always needed to turn on the lights when we would enter her conference room. On one particular visit to her conference room, we were preparing for a meeting with an auditor, but before the meeting started she asked me, “Scott, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I responded, “I’m prepared for the auditor.”

“I don’t mean that Scott, I mean that you seem to be feeling stress right now,” she clarified. “Don’t worry, you’re among friends here.”

Can you imagine how I felt after my client, who could not see my face or how I was sitting in my chair, was able to both know that I was having a bad day, and also in just a sentence or two help me to heal with just her words? I thought I was there to help her with the auditor, but she was also helping me. This CEO had created a sensitive and healing environment, and she had extended this environment to include me.

Think about your business plan again, in light of the above encounters. Will each of your employees feel so passionately about your company’s bold purpose, that clients, colleagues, and vendors alike will be positively impacted? Or is your business plan simply a call for increased revenue and a “nose to the grindstone” push to sell more products and services?

Given the inevitable and unpredictable ups and downs of life, where will your employees go to recharge themselves during a year-long drive to achieve your company’s goals? Your staff depends on each other for this critical support, and also on the culture that has developed within the company where they spend the majority of their working life. What happens when their working environment does not support an atmosphere of increasing the positive well-being of the staff, or even becomes a source of negative feelings? I’m sure you can imagine the impact this might have on the next customer encounter, when an employee can’t completely hide their inner tension, and the incremental negative impact this will have on plan achievement.

That’s how important it is to intentionally develop an office culture that increases the well-being of your employees, and provides them with a bold and passionate purpose that transcends the daily challenges of our lives. Your customers and vendors will know within seconds if your office culture has a negative atmosphere. It’s critical to your profits to work boldly for an office environment that increases the well-being of your workers, so they can in turn increase the well-being of their colleagues, clients, and vendors. I call this office culture, “A Surging Team”, and the leaders responsible for their teams must intentionally work to make sure that their company culture is one that increases the well-being of those who encounter it. If you’ve ever worked in a Surging Team environment, you know it and you remember the positive feelings you shared with your team members for a lifetime. A Surging Team environment has the power to recharge its team members, and keep them mindful of their bold purpose, even when they’re having a bad day.

That’s how important it is for company leaders to make the development and preservation of a Surging Team environment their top priority–and assure there is passion behind their business plan.

BOLDbreak has one purpose, and that is to provide team leaders and company owners the tools and training they need, to develop an unstoppable Surging Team, a team that repeatedly succeeds in achieving difficult and important company objectives. When teams win, increased company profitability follows! Contact me today and let’s discuss the actions that you as the team leader or company owner can take to assure there is passion behind your 2016 business plan.

Until then, Keep Winning!

Scott Brennan book , “The Surging Team“, was selected by the 2015 USA Best Book Awards as a Finalist in the Business Management & Leadership category. “10 BOLDskills℠ for Accelerated Team Success” is the book’s companion video training series which offers 5 hours of lively discussion and exercises to further explore the concepts in each chapter. Scott succeeded in developing both award-winning corporate teams, as well as transforming his franchise business into an award-winning and profitable, Surging Team. Now as president of BOLDbreak Inc, Scott is positioned to help you increase your company’s productivity, profitability and employee well-being by offering you an exciting methodology, in both a book and video format, to assist you in developing and leading your own unstoppable Surging Team. Contact him to get started.

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