A generation of current workers are learning that their acquired skills only qualify them for lower-paying, entry-level work in an economy where there are fewer higher-paying jobs. A story in The Washington Post states that about half of college graduates are working in jobs that do not require a college degree. For half of today’s graduates, in order to move forward in their career, they’re finding that they must learn how to be productive by learning skills that allow them to help their employer increase revenues and reduce expenses–before they can advance in their careers. Too many colleges are failing to produce graduates that have the job skills needed by today’s employers, who evaluate new hires for the value they bring to their company’s drive to generate net profits and stay in business. As many as half of today’s workers are largely unprepared to add the value needed to qualify for far-fewer, higher-paying jobs.

Our young workers desperately need inspired leaders who can show them the path that leads to the American middle class that they imagined. That path will not be easy, and it never was. For many workers faced with diminished wages, socialism seems like a magical answer, one that would work if only America would embrace it. History does not reflect well on countries that have chosen the seemingly easy road to socialism. Our country’s current leadership has failed to successfully transfer the values, institutions, and opportunities that have made The United States of America synonymous with freedom, prosperity, generosity, and hope.

It will take inspired new leaders to help our companies to take an optimistic stance and begin hiring more higher-paying analysts and business development workers. America needs our companies to invest in growth again, if we are going to win back the trust of our workers, and convince them that their hard work, along with acquiring skills needed in our economy, will gain them access to our American middle class and beyond. It will also take inspired leaders at our universities to critically evaluate their curriculum and assure that they’re teaching values and skills needed by the American economy. Our colleges need to again teach that the American free market is the engine that has produced the highest standard of living, for the most people, in the history of the world, and to inspire their students to work to keep that spirit alive and not so easily trade it in for the empty promises of socialism.

On the positive side, our military and our technical schools have done a fantastic job of stepping in and filling the widening skills gap left by our universities, and preparing our young people to appreciate opportunities and see prospects for their own productive careers. Our veterans and technical school graduates have proven to have the critical job skills, and just-as-critical attitudes, to accept entry-level work with alacrity, and learn quickly what it takes to succeed in their careers. This is the cycle which eventually leads to increased trust, career advancement opportunities, and to the American middle class lifestyle and beyond. Until our universities can turn around their failing programs, more workers who want to acquire the skills desperately needed for entry into our middle-class, can still turn to these alternative centers of learning and successfully find higher-paying jobs and careers.

The bottom line is that until changes are made by inspired new leadership in our government, our schools, and at our companies, many of today’s workers will need to accept the available entry-level roles and resolve to work enthusiastically to become productive members of our still-competitive economy, in order to earn the wages that allow them to begin to enjoy the lifestyle they desire.

My book, “The Surging Team: 10 BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success” provides a leadership methodology for helping each team member increase both their individual well-being and productivity, through the intentional cultivation by company leadership of a “positive collective spirit”. A team of ordinary people can achieve astounding success when they’re all working toward the same bold goals. If our universities take a critical look at the measurable, economic results of their current curriculum, maybe they’ll find that there’s room for a course on how to promote a positive collective spirit among a working team, as that team finds ways past success barriers, using collaboration, innovation, perseverance, and their team’s collective character strengths. Until this long-overdue review of university curriculum is undertaken, I caution “Caveat Emptor!” for those potential students who are considering a college program to advance their careers. There are other educational tracks that are serious options if your goal is to advance your lifelong economic earning potential and more quickly enter the middle class and beyond.

BOLDbreak has one purpose, and that is to provide team leaders and company owners the tools and training they need, to develop an unstoppable Surging Team, a team that repeatedly succeeds in achieving difficult and important company objectives. When teams win, increased company profitability follows! Contact me today and let’s discuss some strategies that your company can adopt that will help individual team members to flourish and work cheerfully together to achieve both their company and their personal goals.

Until then, Keep Winning!

Scott Brennan book , “The Surging Team“, was selected by the 2015 USA Best Book Awards as a Finalist in the Business Management & Leadership category. “10 BOLDskills℠ for Accelerated Team Success” is the book’s companion video training series which offers 5 hours of lively discussion and exercises to further explore the concepts in each chapter. Scott succeeded in developing both award-winning corporate teams, as well as transforming his franchise business into an award-winning and profitable, Surging Team. Now as president of BOLDbreak Inc, Scott is positioned to help you increase your company’s productivity, profitability and employee well-being by offering you an exciting methodology, in both a book and video format, to assist you in developing and leading your own unstoppable Surging Team. Contact him to get started.

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