Do you imagine a lifetime career with one employer?

It’s more likely that a lifetime career will span multiple companies, in multiple industries, and may also include a business ownership or self-employment experience.  If you prepare yourself to succeed in a variety business arenas, then your odds of building a lifetime career, one that transcends marketplace changes by successfully adapting, will be vastly increased.  Management and leadership positions are not for everyone, but every company, in every industry needs competent, innovative, and motivated leadership.

I’ve had a career as a computer programmer for Time, Inc., a career as an executive for a GE company, and I’ve also had a career as a franchise business owner.  Each of these venues provided many unique success opportunities, and I enjoyed them all.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve accepted a management and leadership role with the world’s largest retailer, and one of the most innovative companies produced by America.  Because of this career change, I’m putting this blog on hold and focusing on what I always work to achieve, success for my company and my team.  I’ll have the unique chance to put my 10 BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success to the test in a new industry, one that’s important to the positive well-being of all Americans, and to much of the world.  It’s time again to change and adapt!

As a parting note for now, I’m actively working on a new book project, to compliment my first, award-winning book, “The Surging Team“.   There will be more to come about this project as it near publication.  Until then, I wish you continued career success, and whatever you do,

Keep Winning!

Scott Brennan

March 28, 2016

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