We’ve all been to leadership conferences and training events where inspirational headliners deliver a passionate and rousing presentation that holds our attention and affirms the presenter as an effective professional speaker. However, it is a rare event where we actually implement elements of the speaker’s message, and add to our go-to leadership playbook. Can you think of the last time this happened for you?

What line must be crossed in order for us to not only respond positively to a message, but to recognize the sublime truth and importance it contained, and then make the effort to add it to our own set of skills? Every day brings so many challenges both personal and professional, and each challenge is an opportunity to demonstrate the depth of our skillset and our judgment of the most appropriate response. It is a rare day where we learn and actually add a skill which becomes a permanent part of our leadership skillset.

Each generation of leaders seem to confront new societal and business challenges, and they develop a persona that sets their generation of leaders apart from the one before. They adopt a leadership toolkit that matches their uniqueness, but one that also defines the way they perceive their leadership boundaries.

Over time, the skills that leaders repeatedly select in response to challenges, will define our leadership style, and mark the boundaries of where we believe we’ll succeed. Those who tread beyond these perceived boundaries must dare greatly and be ready for painful and swift learning of new skills. At some point, most people in leadership positions become comfortable with their range of skills, accept the creeping boundaries defined by their skillset, and avoid the growing potential for failure if these leadership boundaries are breeched.

What are those rare leadership skills that transcend either real or self-imposed boundaries, whether generational or marketplace-based, and prove their effectiveness in situations that we’ve not yet encountered?

Leadership skills that are based in both recognizing the unique and indomitable human spirit possessed by individuals, and also recognize the human need for community, are those that will transcend boundaries. When we hear a speaker describe these transcendent skills, they move us from being entertained, to being aware of a sublime truth. Those leaders who then dare greatly and make a mighty effort to move from awareness, to intentionally broadening their skillset, will be positioned to take their team beyond boundaries and on to continued success.

“Boldly working to increase the positive collective spirit of your team” is one of these transcendent leadership skills, and is also one of our BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success described in my book, The Surging Team. If your team experiences a collective and measureable increase in their feelings of well-being while working together, then you’ll know that you’ve dared greatly and effectively added a transcendent leadership skill to your go-to skillset.

BOLDbreak has one purpose, and that is to provide team leaders and company owners the tools and training they need, to develop an unstoppable Surging Team, a team that repeatedly succeeds in achieving difficult and important company objectives. When teams win, increased company profitability follows! Contact me today and let’s discuss practical ways to take the 10 BOLDskills, add some of them to your go-to leadership playbook, and help you and your team transcend boundaries and succeed in new ways.

Until then, Keep Winning!

Scott Brennan book , “The Surging Team“, was selected by the 2015 USA Best Book Awards as a Finalist in the Business Management & Leadership category. “10 BOLDskills℠ for Accelerated Team Success” is the book’s companion video training series which offers 5 hours of lively discussion and exercises to further explore the concepts in each chapter. Scott succeeded in developing both award-winning corporate teams, as well as transforming his franchise business into an award-winning and profitable, Surging Team. Now as president of BOLDbreak Inc, Scott is positioned to help you increase your company’s productivity, profitability and employee well-being by offering you an exciting methodology, in both a book and video format, to assist you in developing and leading your own unstoppable Surging Team. Contact him to get started.

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