Scott Brennan

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Scott Brennan, is the president and chief accelerated success expert @ BOLDbreak, Inc.  He has formerly been an award-winning business owner as well as an award-winning and successful corporate executive, repeatedly leading his teams to develop and deliver innovative services to the marketplace.   Scott is now an award-nominated-author of the book, “The Surging Team“, which was honored as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Business Management & Leadership category by the 2015 USA Best Book Awards and is now available on Amazon, as well as the author of an innovative video training series, “10 BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success“, as an exciting companion resource to his book.

Scott compiled his BOLDskills℠, Surging Team leadership methodology, based on his years of experience and observations as both a corporate team leader and a company owner. Working in a division of GE, Brennan was the executive leader of a “skunk-works” group that originated the Dining Rewards Program used by many airlines as a benefit to reward their frequent flyer members. Faced with numerous internal and external success obstacles, Brennan helped his team innovate the technologies and partnerships needed to launch the original airline dining rewards program, for which he was awarded the “Chairman’s Challenge Award for Outstanding Intrapreneurship.” After leaving GE, Brennan owned and led his IT franchise company to a million dollar per year business, using service innovations to get beyond success barriers that stalled many of his peers, before selling his business for a fair profit. Once again, he led his team of employees to unstoppable success, for which he won multiple national awards including the coveted “Franchise of the Year” award as well as the “Million Dollar Club” award from his franchising company. Economic data shows that only about 4% of all businesses, franchise or independent, achieve over $1 million in annual sales.

Scott developed his Surging Team and 10 BOLDskills℠ for Accelerated Team Success training programs to help team leaders and company owners create more productive and happier work teams–because when work teams win, company profits follow.  In addition to his experience, Scott earned an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago. He most recently earned continuing education credits from the International Coach Federation, and the VIA Institute on Character. His personable, animated style, backed up by experience, keeps training fun so that your team remains engaged while on their way to becoming an unstoppable Surging Team. When teams win, company profits follow!

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