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As a Virtual Consulting Client, our president and Chief Accelerated Success Expert, Scott Brennan, will respond within one business day to your business consulting needs or your questions on the successful implementation of his reliably repeatable leadership training methodology, 10 BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success. Why pay for the additional expense of face-to-face travel, when web conferencing, text messaging, email and phone conversations can get the job done cost effectively? Add BOLDbreak’s accelerated team success expertise to your team, by purchasing our Virtual Consulting Service below. The cost is $500 for one month, or 3 months of virtual consulting for $400 per month.

Virtual training is offered “per leader” being trained. You’ll be asked to dedicate one company contact for each virtual training package you purchase.


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Virtual Consulting is a leadership training innovation introduced by BOLDbreak. Our goal is to provide team leaders and company owners the tools and training they need to quickly develop unstoppable Surging Teams inside their company or department. To further this goal, BOLDbreak is offering our Virtual Consulting Service.

We Want You to Win, and we’re bringing you efficient and effective business consulting & leadership training tools to help you do just that!

When Teams Win, Company Profits Follow–and Effective Leadership is The Key!